Saturday, May 6, 2017

Volksstrum Men

Pegasus, Fujimi and Airfix.  I have a lot of Pegasus guys in the spares box that needed arms attached, they will mostly end up as Volksstrum.

More Indiana Jones and another Fujimi, this time with a Prieser head.

Pegasus on a new base, Matchbox with a new head and arm and another Fujimi guy.

Middle figure is Strelets, Russian Cossack, now part of the German army!

Ykreol figure with British paratrooper Thompson, and on the other end an Airfix Civilian with a Bren gun.

More VS troops.

Airfix WWI British guy.  I needed his signal flags for my WWII German navy and so now he has a rifle and a pointing hand.


shintokamikaze said...

That Germans in Berlin is a great set of figs

Mike Creek said...

Thank you shinto. I helped Pegasus design them.