Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rail Gun

The Bunkermeister Command Post.  Due for a cleaning.

Lima K5E railway gun in HO scale due for repair and upgrades.

I have four of them and they are all getting maintenance.

I got two aftermarket generators for them.

A couple of them need repainting.

Start with the primer coat.

It's a large model to paint.

But it takes paint well.


Pat G said...

Great looking kits - I might have space in Z or 6mm. ;)

Mike Creek said...

They are big G. They are also about 30 years old. It was time for a little upgrade and some repainting on a couple of them too. More photos as work continues, but not soon.

Bob G. said...

Is this like the(Nazis) ANZIO ANNIE they have at Aberdeen Proving Grounds?
Sure looks close to it.
Should turn out great, knowing your expertise.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Bob G the Germans made over 24 of these guns in WWII and it is the same one that used to be at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.