Tuesday, March 21, 2017

T44 Soviet Tank

This is the ancient Roco T-44.  It often was sold with the Roco T54 turret and T44 turret together.

 The standard hull is the post-WWII version.  Mostly the fenders and fuel tanks need to be modified.

So I dragged a few out of storage and using a razer saw buzzed down the fenders.

 Since during the Great Patriotic War the Soviet Union usually organized tanks in companies of ten, I got ten of them ready for modification.

 Evergreen plastic sheet and angle pieces cover the sawn away areas.  I used some JS-II parts from Paul Heiser Models to make the tank tracks and fuel tanks.

A brush bristle and a small resin tarp go on the turret as seemed typical for the wartime T44 tanks.  They had various mechanical problems that were never really solved although they were sent to training units in September 1944, they never served in combat and even postwar they were limited production.  Still, had the Soviets suffered reverses, fixed the problems or got an order from Stalin the could have been used in combat well before the end of the war.

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