Thursday, March 9, 2017

Soviet T-34/57 Tanks

I converted ten Roco T34/76 tanks into the rather rare T-34/57 tanks.

The Soviet Union made somewhere between three and 250 T-34/57 tanks, depending on who you believe.

The 57mm anti-tank gun had a very high velocity and was much better at punching armor than the standard 76.2mm guns usually put on the T-34 early war.  Like the US Army with their Sherman tanks, the Russians preferred a 75mm class tank gun for the versatility of being able to fire high explosive and operate in the infantry support role as well as the anti-tank role.  But a gun that does everything often is not the best at everything.

The 57mm was very good as an early war tank destroyer but the barrel wore out quickly and it had poor HE performance.

Eventually the solution was found with the T-34/85.

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