Thursday, March 23, 2017

German Artillery

These are the 1/72nd scale Zvezda howitzer.

I painted them panzer gray for German use and painted the base a contrasting dirt tan color.

I got some extra Revell artillery crew figures from their excellent WWII German Artillery set as crewmen.

The Germans usually used these in batteries of four guns.

I have not determined what towing vehicle I will use, but probably halftracks.


G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

What to have draw the guns depends on what formation they belong to. For a standard infantry formation, they would certainly be horse-drawn. In a Panzer or panzer Grenadier division, trucks would be possible, though horses were still likely. Half tracks might be drawing artillery in the Waffen SS, or trucks. But there is nothing hard & fast about that and exceptions would be the rule. As far as the German Army got, it is surprising how little of it was mechanized. I am sure that even a Waffen SS panzer division had to make do with horses often.

Mike Creek said...

G. Thomas Fitzpatrick, thank you for your lengthy and cogent reply. Yes, quite true. My artillery is towed by horses, trucks and halftracks. While I have not yet decided, I still suspect halftracks for these guns, but we will see.