Friday, February 10, 2017

Giant Marx Troops

Semi-gloss olive drab bunkers.

Troops are mostly copies of Marx 1/72nd scale, by Giant of Hong Kong.  Long out of production.

Strong points are defended by infantry.

I got these troops at least 40 years ago.

They are very difficult to find now.


Simon Jones said...

They look like copies of Airfix German infantry

Mike Creek said...

One of the figures, the officer shooting the pistol, is a Hong Kong copy of an Airfix German Infantry figure. The others are copies of the 54mm Marx figures which are about 10 years older than the second set of Airfix WWII German infantry and very different.
Thanks for reading Simon Jones, good observation.

banzai55 said...

Those "Giant" German figures were my first and favorite set of little soldiers; I got them back in about 1967, as part of 2 play sets ("D Day" and "Anzio Beach"); they also came with US soldiers, but the quality of the "Giant" US troops was much lower, with poor detail, blobs for heads and weak ankles - they had a terrible propensity to break off their bases if you packed them too tightly into a box. I still have about 30-odd of the german figures, plus the landing craft, and several tanks-

Mike Creek said...

Banzai55 your comments are spot on. I think I have a dozen of the US troops, they were much more fragile and not very good figures. Too bad they did not also copy the Marx US troops, they were very good. As it is the Giant US Army are copies of the Monogram US Army troops, I think.