Monday, February 13, 2017


I have always wanted soldiers with a space suit that is similar to this one.

So I purchased these little wire pieces.

They are also sold as jewelry findings at Michael's and similar craft shops.

These are a rather soft wire.

I also got some map pins and resin cast some US flamethrower tanks.

I cut the head off of the figure, and filed a groove in the backpack for the wire piece.

I drilled a hole in the neck of the figure and then glued on the map pin, wire, and backpack.

I glued the map pin with gap filling super glue.

The wire and backpack got glued with Goo rubber cement.  The figure is an Airfix Luftwaffe figure.


Bob G. said...

One might go and call these figures REAL "pinheads".
Very creative use that looks really good.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, G they are literally that. This project has been on again off again for about 10 years. Work has been suspended again, but look for more in the coming months.