Thursday, April 7, 2016


Plastic toy mammoths.

Painted up for greater realism.

They are very good for large 1/72nd scale mammoths.

Three different shades of dark brown.

Strange encounter on the Russian front.

Hans, I think these Russian winters are going to be worse than we expected.


David Bunte said...

Those would make nice oliphants for some lord of the rings wargames. what make are they?

1Mac said...

I like that last pic. "Hey Sarge, the locals say that these woods are full of prehistoric mastodons!" "Nonsense Jenkins. Quit listening to such silly rumors and mind your post."

Seconding the request for the make. Nice painting!

Mike Creek said...

Marx and MPC used to make very similar mammoths. I think these are Marx. Look for them on eBay, they are pretty cheap, so don't pay much. Price can vary by color and re-casts are cheaper. I painted these with plastic compatible spray paints and then brush paint.

Mike Creek said...

I look for toy plastic mammoths all the time. A similar paint job really brings them together as a herd.