Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bee Gees

What if the Bee Gee racer was used as a fighter interceptor?

Painted OD green.

Needs a gloss coat for decals.

Receiving gloss coat.

Brand new shiny planes.


Fatman said...

Lets see poor rear view, well lets be honest NO rear view; fast but because of its tiny control surfaces not very maneuverable, only three of the original racers built all of which crashed ,sometimes more than once, seriously injuring one pilot and killing three, admittedly the final fatality was because the pilot ignored the Granvilles advice and fitted extra fuel tanks which brings me to my final point the Gee Bees performance was based on souped up highly tuned engines which guzzled extra high octane fuel. Turning one into a fighter and expecting it to perform under combat conditions never mind putting normal army pilots to fly it just isn't practical. It would be like painting a formula one car olive drab adding machine guns and claiming it was a scout car. Fun idea but not very practical I'm afraid. To quote a USAAF pilot friend "I'd rather transfer to the infantry than fly that!". He was talking about the USN's Cutlass but you know what I mean. ;)


Mike Creek said...

I see it as a point defense fighter. Not unlike the Me 163 Komet. Fly up fast, make a couple fast passes at attacking bomber formations and then return to base as soon as the immediate threat is over.

So it does not need to be either maneuverable or be able to see behind.

Thanks for reading and commenting Fatman.