Saturday, October 10, 2015

More Tigers

Roco Tiger 1.  Note two different vehicles.

Another tank composed of parts from two different vehicles.  I have purchased many used collections over the decades and often you get bits and parts, rather than different vehicles.

Tiger 1 prototype vehicle.  These hulls eventually became the Elephant.  A couple of this version served as their battalion command vehicles.

This is a Tiger II that has been converted to an armored recovery vehicle.  There is no evidence that such a vehicle was ever built.  Still, it's based on similar vehicles built on the Panther chassis.

Vehicles like this could have been built from Tiger II tanks with a damaged turret.  It got this partially assembled vehicle in a collection.  I added the tow cables, the small cannons, the Jerry cans and other bits.  I only have this one, while I think such a vehicle as this is possible, it would have been rare.

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