Monday, February 9, 2015


Hat 1/72nd scale Schutztrubbe in soft plastic.

In WWI the Germans held several colonies in Africa.

Both white and native troops kept the British at bay for years.

Combine this set with the HaT Askaris and you have a pretty good set.

The set I got did have some mis-molded figures.  Not typical of HaT!

The set comes with a nice machine gun including an Askari loader.

This set includes a few alternative arms for the officer.


shintokamikaze said...

I do like hat they have some interesting and unique sets, but I do think their sculpt and mould work is a bit poor compared to cesar or pegasus

Mike Creek said...

You are correct. Pegasus uses multi-part figures to get excellent poses. Caesar uses multi-part molds to get great figures. HaT usually tries for one piece figures, except when they give extra arms for variety. HaT also uses a variety of sculptors and not all are excellent.