Friday, February 6, 2015

Natal Natives

I don't really do the British Empire but with all the Zulu movies and others it is difficult to avoid it completely.  The urge to collect at least a few is strong.  Particularly when you consider I have read all the Tarzan books and seen most of the movies.  I use the British troops as stand ins for late 1800's US Army, so it's not much more of a stretch to add a few Native troops.  Here the HaT Natal Native Contingent.

Its South African Black natives who fought on the side of the British against the Zulus.

It's a small set, not a lot of poses, but enough I think.

Molded perfectly without flash or error.

I anticipate using them from about 1870 to the 20th Century.  Maybe not historically accurate to do that, but when since I get my African history from Hollywood, it works for me.


Tsold9000 said...

aaarrrgh! have been looking for the NNC but all are OOS. Have you checked out the new Hat sets? Ruga-Ruga would fit your Tarzan idea fine.

Mike Creek said...

Hi Tsold9000, you are perfectly correct, the Rugu-Ruga would be a great idea. I already have some, but I write the reviews sequentially. Look for photos and a review of them on Bunker Talk.