Friday, October 24, 2014

Hinges and Stones

I removed the big chimney and added the brick stone to one half of the back.  The tower will go too and be reconfigured.

I think the bricks make very good stone walls.  I think it will be a good castle.

There is also a problem with the hinges, they don't exist!  I also put a strip of angle iron plastic at the corner to make the stone look neater. 

Hinges will wait for more remodeling work.


Blaxkleric said...

Greta stuff. As you say I think the brick effect will give the stone walls a great look. Its coming along well already imho :-)

Sean said...

Nice progress on this. I also liked the lost lands diorama. What was the 1/72 figure you used in the Tree and Mammmoth scale shots?

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Blaxkleric. I hope it looks good.

Mike Creek said...

Hi Sean, the figure is from Matchbox, they did a line of two vehicles and a monster and a couple figures. This guy came with a TRex skeleton and a trailer with a backhoe and a towing vehicle.