Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Circus Wagons

My local train shop often sells used items.

I picked up these circus wagons used for a few bucks.

This one has a tiger inside.  Circuses used to send people out all over the world to capture animals.

Circuses travel all over the country, sometimes all over a continent, or even the world.  There was a circus in Berlin when the Russians captured it in WWII.


Blaxkleric said...

They look rather quaint and nice. What scale are they please? 1/72 so 20mm? I think a WW2 Berlin game based around a colourful circus would certainly be eye-catching.

Mike Creek said...

Circus wagons are HO 1/87th scale. There is a huge hobby of collecting circus stuff in 1/48 and 1/87th scales here in the USA. Usually they are a subset of model railroad builders, who build circus trains with circus stuff on the side.