Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This is a Marx machine gunner and a Tim Mee machine gunner.  Note the helmet size is just about the same, so they don't look too bad together size wise.

I always figured this guy had an M60 machine gun anyway, so that makes him a Cold Warrior.

There are a number of the Marx WWII GI's that I mix with my Tim Mee troops because the size is pretty close.

The Tim Mee troops also vary in size some, and this guy is one of the largest, waving his arm.  I don't think he looks too big with these Marx guys.  Marx has some equipment and poses that Tim Mee did not do and so are needed to fill a few gaps, like the M60 machine gunner, the mortar crewman and the Thompson gunner.

Mixed in together they are hardly noticeable.

In fact, I think they blend in very well.  The colors fit well too, the Tim Mee guys come in a variety of greens and they are all similar to Marx green.

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