Friday, May 2, 2014


I have been collecting Hot Wheels Batmobiles.

There seem to be a lot of them.

I am using them with my Battle Dice figures.

They are about 1/72nd scale.

I even got this flying one.

 I don't like the flat paint job, I plan on repainting it with gloss.

 The good old fashioned way to fly, the Bell 47 with Bat Wings.


Bob G. said...

Those are pretty cool.
I've got the Tumbler & the TV Batmobiles in 1/64th.
But I ALSO have the Keaton Batmobile for the 4 inch action figure...machine guns flip up, full cockpit, and it's over a foot long.
Got the Tumbler a couple years back, too for the 3.75 inch figure.
Very cool...and the book ON the Batmobile is a MUST-HAVE.
(check eBay for the book for cheap)

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Sounds like good stuff G. Can you post the exact title and author? Is there any coverage of the Batmobile Hot Wheels cars in the book?

Bob G. said...

Looking through the book, there is no mention of the TOYS or MODELS...just the history of the cars themselves with attention paid to early comics, TV, and the movie versions. They DO show the BATMAN LIVE (stage show) car, too.
Be nice if they DID include some stuff on the diecasst and models.
BATMOBILE: The Complete History (by Mark Cotta Vaz).
Check mine for under $12 and it's $35 retail.

Roll safe out there.