Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Luftwaffe Infantry


WWII Luftwaffe troops, I like that this guy is actually aiming his rifle.  Head down low along the sight line.
Advancing with the submachine gun.
This guy is observing, not actually firing because his head should be down low and cheek pressed against the stock.
Proper firing of the panzerfaust, it is supposed to go under the armpit.
These figures have a bit of flash all around which takes a while to remove, but other than that they are pretty good.


northtroll said...

Nice looking figures! Who makes them? What technique do yu use to remove mold lines?

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

My figure reviews usually span several days for good coverage. The figures are made by Mars. I posted a photo of the front and back of the box yesterday. I use X-Acto knife #11 blade with the gold edge, very sharp, to remove the mold lines. Tedious work. I also use Olfa knife blade A1160B they are a snap off blade but in a shape similar to the #11 blade. Also very sharp and with the snap off it's quick to refresh to a new edge. Thanks for reading northtroll.