Thursday, January 10, 2019

Artillery Testing

A test range for artillery.

Two howitzers, one with a new mounting is getting a test.

A fire off between the standard issue howitzer and the one with the new mounting.

A special radar will track the shells for accuracy and muzzle velocity.

The troops wear special high visibility yellow uniforms for the test, so everyone is accounted for and safe.


Bob G. said...

I haven't seen that jeep in AGES. That's an MPC one, right?
And isn't one howitzer from the MARX collection?

I DO have that tent though (an eBay find from a few years back)

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Good eye G. Jeep is MPC, as is the tent.
One howitzer is a Marx recast, the other on the fixed mount is an Ideal recast.

Tip, use golf tees if you run out of tent poles.

Thanks for reading.