Wednesday, May 2, 2018


While living temporarily in an apartment I have to cut troops off the sprue at the kitchen table. 

Strelets marching Confederates and Picketts Charge figures.

These are 1/72nd scale plastic figures.

They are flash free but it takes a bit of work to get the rather thick sprue cut off of their base.

I use the sprue cutter and then trim them down with a knife.   Sometimes have actually have to sand them flat!

Welcome readers from the Old South!


Bob G. said...

I found that using one of those larger finger/toe nail cutters works well if an X-acto knife isn't handy.

Haven't seen this crowd yet.
My Civil War sets are from IMEX (1/72nd scale) - good poses and great detail.

Like to see the Union soldiers of your group.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Imex sets are great. These new sets are filling up the ranks with more poses.