Monday, May 7, 2018

A Special Announcement

I am on a Facebook group called "Military Toys from our childhood."  The Admin, Brian Kelley posted this today:

"MAY MTFOC member of the month is....Mike Creek (Bunkermeister).
In addition to being a long time member and contributor, Mike also has his own site that is a fun focus on Army Men. If I had to choose a particular attribute of Mike, I would say it is his ability to show Green Army Men combating Aliens and Mutated insects. He does a fantastic job of staging his soldiers as they battle each other, out maneuvering the enemy, as well as keeping us safe from B movie monsters.
Thanks for the great contributions Mike. We are always looking forward to your next great battle."

Thank you Brian Kelley for the award.

If you are on Facebook, stop by and check out Military Toys from our childhood.

And of course, follow Bunker Talk on FB as well. 


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