Saturday, July 29, 2017

Interwar Trucks

The US Army is divided into Branches, Infantry, Armor, Chemical Corps, and so on.

Each branch gets a color, red, dark blue, light blue, and so on.

I am working on making my 1938 US Army and using these little trucks as the primary vehicle for them.

The embossed letters are being painted in the Branch color.  They actually did paint the canvas frequently in the Interwar years and often in many colors and often with unit insignia.

I am also using several types of wheels and tires to indicate vehicles that are older or newer.  Old trucks often get upgrades as they approach the end of their service life or as technology improves.  With little money in the Interwar years the Army did all it could to keep the old vehicles running.  There was also a lot of improvement in tires in those years.

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