Thursday, October 27, 2016

George Washington Brigade

This is the well known PaK 38 37mm anti-tank gun, withe the large shaped charge projector on the end of the barrel.

Here is the same shaped charged projectile on an American 37mm anti-tank gun.  Note the troops are wearing US packs.  I got a set of US Army from Valiant.  They were listed as 1/72nd scale but I think they are too big.  I kept the packs but got rid of the rest.  The packs found their way to these guys.

Bazooka with loader.  Bazooka is American and the loader has an M-1 rifle.

Another soldier with a US Army pack.

A captured Sherman tank.  Jerry can rack and Jerry cans on the rear hull.  Side skirts added, and an MG-42 is mounted on the turret.  The Germans captured a lot of Shermans and used them for their own.  Typically they did not do this much conversion work on the tanks.


Pat G said...

I have a bunch of Valiants - they scale out as true 1/72 or old school 25mm.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, between the chunky style and the slightly taller stature they just don't seem to fit in well with my other 1/72nd scale figures. Too bad because they make good stuff.