Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Geo. Washington Legion

In World War Two the Germans had all sorts of foreign troops serving in the Army and the SS.  Often they were brigaded together as a national legion.   They included Indian Legion and the British Legion.  The British legion was mostly propaganda, but they did have a few troops.

I decided to make an American Legion, called the George Washington Legion.  There were a few Americans who agreed to serve the Germans in WWII.

In this unit there is a small platoon of troops.  They have been given a mixture of American and German uniforms and equipment.  They are an anti-Communist unit and won't fight on the Western Front.  Just as the Indian Legion was anti-British and did not fight on the Eastern Front.

This figure has an American Colt .45 and German helmet.

American pack with German helmet.  Each figure in the unit has some American gear or weapon.  Just as the Russian units that fought for the Germans often wore Russian clothing and carried Soviet weapons.

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