Sunday, September 11, 2016

Soviet Shermans

All packed away need and tidy.

The US supplied diesel powered M4A2 Sherman tanks.

These are plastic Paul Heiser Models in 1/87th scale.  Tank track on the front hull.

I use accessories to tell apart the platoons.  The road wheel on front hull is one platoon.

This platoon has an unditching been on the starboard side.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

love the crowd. Plenty to be getting on with. These are 1/87th? I had thought the Airfix Sherman was actually 1/ I wrong, is it just an urban myth? They look really good. Will you make them all Russian?

Mike Creek said...

These are all 1/87th scale. I believe the Airfix Sherman in 1/76th which would make it smaller than the usual 1/72nd scale models of everyone else. These will all be Russian. They used the diesel powered Sherman tanks. These represent one company each of the early/mid production and mid-production versions.

Thanks for reading SRD.