Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pig Tank

In the First World War and for at least 20 years afterwards, many put forward the idea of the land battleship.

Pictures like this one appeared in magazines for decades.

There is a Japanese company that makes a science fiction tank that looks a bit like this one.

It's a nice model, flash free, and with many moving parts.

It also has a lot of little bits in the suspension.

The crew is made up of pig men.  I won't use them with the tank, but will find some other use for them.

Not done yet, but working on it.


tsold3000 said...

No Way!! Where did you score that? What scale?

Mike Creek said...

Akuyaku tank by Japanese model company Tasca, in 1/72nd scale. It's based on a tank that was supposed to appear in some Japanese publication. I think it's out of production. I got my via mail order from Hobby Japan in Japan. It's pretty expensive, but an excellent kit.

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Smashing. Reminds me of the efforts of the newspaper artists during WW1 when they could report on tanks but had never seen one. Well done you for thinking outside the pun intended.

Mike Creek said...

While most of my wargame armies are historical, I am also working on a War of the Worlds project. Based on the HG Wells book, the Orsen Wells radio broadcast of 1938, and the George Pal movie of 1954, it has Martian invasions in 1898, 1918, 1938, and 1958. So for each period the Martians get more advanced and so do the humans. The massive war machine will be a US Army tank for the 1918 / 1938 periods.