Monday, July 4, 2016

Aquaman Car

This is the Hot Wheels Aquaman submarine car.

I plan on making an Aquaman during my next go round with the Super Heroes project.

The vehicle is very boat like.

I think it could also be repainted as a civilian exploration vessel.

Or maybe even a clandestine reconnaissance vehicle.

Another great vehicle from Hot Wheels.


reston668 said...

What an odd car. But it looks like it could have a tonne of uses. You could possibly even take the wheels right out and have it look even more like a submarine. It looks like most of it is metal, too, is that right?

Mike Creek said...

It is an odd car. It does have more metal than many of the newer models. It is a bit more expensive too. I think you are right about the wheels, just cut the axles and it would be a better sub.

I got a couple, but may get some more. It does not seem to fly off the shelves so much as other cars.