Friday, December 11, 2015

Tomy Tiger

The Tomy Tiger I.  Stripped of paint and all the parts removed.  It's very nice hull.

Lower hull, proof that it's a Tomy vehicle.

I like the molded on cables and the machine gun.

Rear deck.


shotgun6 said...

The tracks on Tomy tanks are definitely a problem; you don't know of any source for replacements, so I can leave the running gear intact, do you? I've used the plastic tracks from ruined old 1/72 scale airfix tanks in a couple of cases, but that's a very limited supply (you need to have the ruined models to begin with!). Do you know of any companies that JUST sell plastic tracks?

Mike Creek said...

Shotgun6, that is a problem. I have used broken Roco Tiger I's as a source of tracks for my Tomy tanks. I remove the old Tomy road wheels and use them as detail parts on other vehicles, recovery or maintenance. Airfix might sell the parts if you tell them you need them for a conversion project. It's worth an email.