Sunday, December 27, 2015


For decades the Airfix Japanese were nearly all we had for 1/72nd scale WWII Japanese troops.

Later we got the marginal Atlantic set and the short lived Matchbox figures.

Still, vast numbers of Japanese served well in many wargame armies.

Now we have an avalanche of Japanese.  

Red Box have given use three new sets of Japanese figures.

Imperial Japanese Army pilots for example.


shotgun6 said...

How did you get all the marching figures??? I think there were like, maybe, 3 of that pose in a box of 48; did you actually but like 100 boxes of the airfix figures??

Mike Creek said...

shotgun6 there were 6 of the marching figures in the Japanese Airfix box. Read some of my other blog posts. The extent and size of my collection may become clearer.