Friday, November 6, 2015

Strange Vehicles

A while back I saw a picture of a Stug III that had been captured by the Americans in WWII.  It had no barrel and the opening had been plated over.  They were using it to haul supplies.  I go this one in a collection I bought and it had no barrel.  Now it's a tank supply vehicle. 

Supplies are important to any army, even a wargame army.  Here are some of my trucks.

The Germans never had enough trucks.  The captured them, they impressed German civilian trucks, they had the French manufacture them.

The Germans even tried to get the American to trade 2 1/2 ton trucks for Jews and POWs.

I use this for a missile control vehicle.  It's the front end of two SWS halftracks and the lower hull and wheels of a 234 armored car.

The three original vehicles were accidentally melting in the sun.  I was able to salvage this vehicle out of them.   I use it to control the launch of anti-aircraft missiles.

This SWS halftrack has a water tank from a Roco US Army 2 1/2 ton truck on the back.  They met the same fate as the others.  I made it into a fuel tanker for those same missiles.


David Bunte said...

Like the scene in A Bridge Too Far where the retreating Germans are using a fire truck. They used anything.Nice stuff.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, if it had wheels it was drafted. I love that movie. MRS Bunkermeister is reading the book right now.


shintokamikaze said...

Great stuff, I picked up my WW2 stuff for my parents house yesterday, im planning a Kellys heros game, American and Soviet tanks battle it out with the tigers and each other to get the gold from the Bank, I should have some pics on my Blog over the next week

Mike Creek said...

That is good news Shinto. Everyone check out his blog, almost as good as Bunker Talk!
I love the work on the Pegasus Russians for Irish!