Saturday, September 26, 2015

Winter Germans

Italeri 1/72nd scale Winter Germans, WWII.  Rifle grenade launcher is very unusual.  The rifleman has his eye down into position to actually use the sights on the rifle.

I love the SMG firing soldier.  Look how he leans into the shot.  Very nice.

This looks like the winter version of the Airfix Africa Korps machine gun shooter.

Two shooters, one with an MP44 assault rifle.

This rifle shooter is not good, he is firing in Napoleonic style, not aiming.  The other guy is reloading.


shintokamikaze said...

They look great, the Napoleonic style guy might be raising his gun or could be watching for a movement but on guard

Mike Creek said...

Thanks for reading Shintokamikaze. Yes, there are plausible reasons for the man in Napoleonic style. Cover me, while I move forward.