Tuesday, September 15, 2015


One of the best figures in the set is the standing rifleman.  A great figure.  The base is solid and he stands up good and solid.

This action packed figure is a horseback rider.  No horses in the set.  Still, he is so perfectly crafted that he actually stands up alone.

Another good figure.  Westward Ho!

Fighting Mexican troops from the ramparts of the Alamo.  Fighting Indians from the walls of Fort Apache.

Back in the old days many people carried more than one gun because reloading was slow.  Often a pistol in addition to a rifle.


WIM GRUNDY! said...

SO good to see these intrepid pioneers back on the (virtual) shelves!

Mike Creek said...

Yes, Wim Grundy, Tim Mee is doing a great job of bringing back old favorites.