Saturday, May 26, 2012

Second World War, German Armored Cars

Roco 234 armored cars often have bad flash on the tires.  It's gotta go.

Another common problem is the sink hole on the upper glacis and the broken clips tohold the hulls together.

Customization is easy, I glue the hulls and cut off the protrusions where the hull parts clip together.  Add a bundle, box or bag and you give a more personalized version.

Here I have trimmed up the rear fender problem and added a spare tire.

I had more of these than I needed and many were in very bad condition.  So I have removed the wheels and cut them down to make the spare tires.  One armored car provides spares for eight of it's brothers.  I am no putting a spare tire on every one, but most of them.


peter said...

Looks real nice! Great conversions!


Bunkermeister said...

Thank you Peter, great blog.