Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Motorcyles and On Foot

The motorcycle figures come in several colors, but my plan is to paint them eventually.
Red, fuchsia, green and black are the colors.
The sent includes 24 identical standing figures in the same mix of colors.
Here they are together.  The man on the motorcycle seems shorter than the standing guy, but real people on motorcycles seem shorter than they do on the ground.
Running man from the Airfix 1/76th scale running man from the Civilian set.
Standing man from the Airfix 1/72ns scale WWII British Infantry.  These motorcycle figures seem to fit well with the 1/72nd scale figures.
Motorcycles at the beach.
24 motorcycles and 24 men together make a reasonable number of people for a crowd.
This is part of my War of the Worlds police project, the plan is to give more utility to the police other than just fighting Martians.

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