Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Home Construction

I have retired and I am having a home built for me and for my Wife.

And the Army Men.

The view towards my mailbox.

This is where the house will be.

 This is where my nearest neighbor lives.

June 6, D-day.  Hello to all my friends in France!


Bob G. said...

Congratulations on the building of your new home (and a more permanent camp for ALL the solders, vehicles, and aircraft...heh).
They should have PLENTY of room for "maneuvers".

Not everyone can accomplish that (new home gig), even after retiring (I know).

You are a very fortunate and blessed couple.
(never forget that).

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

We praise God every day for each other, our health, our ability to buy a home, and to retire. We are very blessed.