Thursday, November 3, 2016

.30 Caliber Machine Gun

Armies often find similar solutions to similar problems.

The .30 caliber machine gun used by the US Army was not too different from the German machine gun.

I have taken the American water cooled machine gun and placed it on a German tripod.

The Germans used a lot of captured equipment, but I have no evidence for this particular combination.

Still, I think it is a reasonable combination.

I have given it to my George Washington Legion troops.

I placed the American machine gun and mount on the German machine gun tripod.

I suspect that the Germans could have done this.

It would not be a very difficult conversion.

Shown here with a German using a .45 M1911 pistol.


Pat G said...

.30, MG08, Vickers - all horses of the dame breed. Nice conversion.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks G.