Sunday, March 6, 2016


My wife gave me a huge Christmas present.

It finally all arrived.

Nearly all infantry, but a few other things too.

Including some vehicles and artillery.

Thank you MRS Bunkermeister for a great Christmas.


reston668 said...

Merry Christmas!

1Mac said...

!!! That's quite a haul.

I see a pile of the old TC Martians. Interested in trading for some of the extras?

Tim Gow said...

Gosh! Mrs BM is clearly a woman of taste and distinction.

Mike Creek said...

Reston668, thank you, Merry Christmas to you too!

1Mac, Thanks, but I am still in the market for more Twilight Creations Martians! They told me at least 5 years ago they would be sold separately, but that never happened.

Tom Gow, she is!