Friday, October 18, 2019

Eko vs Roco

This is a typical Eko vehicle in HO scale.

Here I have repainted it in olive drab.  I use it as a US Army vehicle used in North America for supplies of fuel on Army bases.

This is an Eko 2 1/2 ton truck, it comes with troops seated in the back.  One of them has lost his head, the necks are very thin and fragile.

On first look it is just like the Roco.  But look at the front tire.  It has a huge bubble in it.  The truck had a lot of flash on it, and if you compare it to the Roco you can see minor differences.

The rails on the back of the cargo area are very thin on the Roco and thicker on the Eko.  I don't think they are from the same mold.

Underside view.  The Roco I got used and the wheels still have a lot of glue on them from when I removed the base.  It will get cleaned up.  Eventually.

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