Saturday, September 21, 2019

Tommy Tomahawk, and Johnny Cloud

 For the last couple years I have been collecting data on WWII and other American patriotic super heroes.   Several of them are American Indians.

Two of those are United States Army Air Forces pilots.  Tommy Tomahawk and Johnny Cloud.

Johnny Cloud sees a vision of clouds in the shape of an Indian riding a mustang in the sky and that's how is gets his name.

 He naturally grows up to fly P-51 Mustang fighter planes against the Germans in World War Two.


Johnny Cloud, Navajo pilot serves mostly with White men and typically wears a regular Army uniform.

However, his cloud vision does appear to him during the war, many times, and he uses his inspiration to defeat his enemies.  I cut this one out of plastic milk jug and hung it up on a bit of wire.  I will use it to give him a bonus in combat against his enemies.

In Tommy Tomahawk, however, he is a Cherokee and most of the men in his squadron are also Cherokee.  He serves primarily in the Pacific and his men wear various combinations of traditional and military dress.

 So I converted a few of the Airfix USAAF figures into men for his squadron, using various bits from Revell and Imex Indians.  Naturally, Tommy Tamahawk flies the P-40, Warhawk, naturally.

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