Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A7V and Airfix Troops

Airfix WWI German with a new helmet.

I cut the spike off the helmet of these Airfix figures.  Then I glued the separate helmet from the Atlantic WWII Afrika Korps figures to them over the existing helmet.

The Atlantic helmets are large and the WWI helmet was larger than the WWII version so it looks pretty good on this guys I think.

The figure with the flag is the man striking with the butt of his rifle, the rifle was cut away and a piece of ware inserted into his hands.  Then I painted a piece of tissue paper and glued it onto the flagpole.  The tissue paper is folded over the wire.  I superglue it so the paper is rigid.  The iron cross is an airplane decal.

I used airplane decals for the tanks.

The Germans did not seem to have very standard markings for tanks in WWI.

It is covered with machine guns.

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