Wednesday, July 17, 2019

New Heads for Old

This is a WWII Esci hard plastic figure who originally had the M1 helmet used by the US Army in World War Two, Korean War, and Vietnam Wars.  Here he has an M1917 helmet I took from an Esci hard plastic Eighth Army soldier.  Now he can be use from about 1917 to about 1942.

Same figure with the Montana Peak Hat first issued by the US Army in 1911 but sometimes worn before that date and issued generally until 1942.  It is still worn by some units and was not uncommon in the Pacific in WWII.

The service cap was worn usually as winter attire by the US Army from most of the time between World War One to World War Two, often in the field as well as for dress uniforms.  Here the HaT WWI British hat is used on the same figure as the others.  Figure was painted with gray primer prior to the headswap.

All three together, just changing the head makes a lot of difference in the figures, I think.

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