Sunday, July 21, 2019

Machine Gun and BAR

A US .30 caliber machine gun can be operated by one soldier.

But the normal crew is at least two, one to fire and one to load.

But with three men in the crew you have an observer who can scan for targets.  Machine gun with a three man crew can fire indirect fire with the machine gun in my ruleset.  It gives the player a reason for three crewmen.

I modified this figure by adding the pack, carbine, and ammo box to make him a member of the gun crew.

Regular machine gun, Esci hard plastic figure.

Set up to fire the gun alone, and he has a backpack.

Here the machine gunner has been modified by giving him a Fujimi BAR with a Roco bipod.

I have never seen a plastic BAR gunner before, so I made a couple of them.  The BAR was intended to be fired from the prone or from the walking advancing position.

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