Sunday, June 16, 2019

Deer and Artillery

Waterloo 1815 makes a set of the US 75mm mountain gun.  

There are three guns per set.

I got eight sets, so far.

I use an awl to enlarge some of the holes in the model frame.

The model is kinda fragile. 

Buy enlarging the holes the cross pieces fit much easier and less force is needed to put the parts together.

I use Testors red model glue.

The glue comes with a little wire to keep the glue flow open, I add a little blue tape flag so I am less likely to lose the wire when I set it down.

Mass building the frames, here is the first piece glued on.

Deer and faun just outside the window as I work!

Welcome readers from Russia.


Gary Panter said...

Hi Mr Mike, I like today's entry. I've got a couple of boxes of those artillery pieces too I'm having a tough time putting them together. I put them off to the side months ago maybe you have inspired me to try again . Of course my eyes and fingers aren't what they used to be a few years ago but I think these guns were little over-engineered. Too many small tiny pieces that just don't seem to fit well together. Nowadays I'm all about fast builds and diecasts. Have you ever tried to put one of those Stretlets WW1 guns together? PSR rights that they are a nightmare so I'm wary about their artillery sets. Well let us see some more pictures of the game room soon have a good day thanks

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thanks for reading Gary. I am 63 and still managing to put stuff together. I used an awl to open these holes up a bit. Then I glued all of the cross the pieces to one side and then glued them to the other side. Tweezers were helpful. Use regular model glue and after you glue the first side wait about 20 minutes before you do the second side. I did what you did, I purchased these just after they came out and boy were they a mess to build.

As for Stretelts WWI guns I built the 8 Inch Mk VII Howitzer with American crew. It makes into a passable gun, but it's a nightmare to build. I have four total and intend to start on the next three soon. They are low pressure injection molded. That means the detail is soft, the plastic is kinda soft and they don't fit together well. The instructions are only a guideline.

I hope to get more of their guns, and when they are the only ones who make the subject, then sometimes you just gotta suck it up and live with the quality.

I really would like to buy their artillery crews separately, I need a lot of them and really like them.