Friday, November 9, 2018

Guns and Spiders

Artillery and poison gas, great for the First World War.

The Strelets troops are British, but in a gas mask and greatcoat they look like Americans.

I use the gas trailiers as gas generators.  Not used as often as artillery because they really needed a favorable wind direction to deploy the gas on the enemy.

This spider is on my front porch.  He is the largest spider I have ever seen that was not a tarantula.  The body is at least one inch long.  According to the Allen County Cooperative Extention: "This looks to be a Yellow and Black Argiope garden spider. They will bite if disturbed but their venom Is harmless."  The builders say he has been around for a few days and they just leave him alone.  I saw him move, he is very fast.  I may have to rewatch Them! and the Beginning of the End for some tips.

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Bob G. said...

DANG...that is one HUGE spider.

You must grow 'em big over in Kentucky, huh?
(don't send any my

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