Saturday, March 17, 2018

Old Soldiers

I like these figures because they come in good action poses. 

 Similar poses were made by Marx, but the Marx guys had a smooth helmet.

The BMC / Lido figures have a series of cross hatches on the helmet to simulate netting, very common for US Army troops to use in combat to cut down on reflection off the helmet and to hold camouflage onto the helmet.

The two figures in the lower left corner are about 30 years older then brand new ones in the rest of the photo.  Apart from being slightly lighter in color, they are identical.

Two old figures from my collection, they came in ever imaginable shade of green over the years and someone has painted the one in the back.  A quick paint job of just boots, hands, face and wooded weapons parts.  This figure is the same color as the new ones, but at least 20 years old!  The bright green figure is also very old, but his helmet was "painted" using a felt tip marker, probably a Marks-a-Lot marker.  This was a common way to "paint" figures when I was a kid, using permanent markers.  Mom would not let us have actual paints.

Welcome readers from Denmark!


Bob G. said...

Nice to know many of the old molds were not randomly tossed away.

Remember, Old soldiers never "die"...they just get recycled or recast.


Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, I was surprise too, I figured these were gone forever, and more are coming!