Wednesday, November 8, 2017

More News Updates

Some of my computer stuff is still stored in the storage sheds.  The movers were supposed to hold 10 boxes out so we could get on with our lives once we arrived and instead they packed them into the shed, so they are buried in the back.  Our hope is that we can retrieve them tomorrow.

We have two movers coming who will remove stuff from the sheds and repack it for us.  We don't have much in the motel room, but when we move into the apartment this weekend we should have a lot more.  That still won't be anywhere near all our stuff, but at least I should be able to get the rest of my computer.  I am typing this on my wife's laptop, but I can't upload photos from my camera, phone, or desktop right now.

My hope is that in less than a week I should be up and running at full speed with full Internet access and a fully functioning computer.  Thank  you all for continuing to read Bunker Talk and be sure to let all your friends now that I Have Returned.

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